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The Great Secret is my first graphic novel. It is both an adventure and an investigation of our ancient past. It is available as a digital download for Kindle and for the iPad. I’ve asked a few friends to check out the digital version and it all looks good so far, but I’m keen to get as much (helpful) feedback as possible. If you do buy a digital copy (currently £2.99) and you like it, do please write a review. If you have any problems with your copy of the graphic novel, do please let me know via the contact form.

The story is primarily a fun adventure tale but it also puts forward a fascinating new theory I've developed, based on extensive research I carried out in 2010. My recent blog post about the Great Pyramid and 2787 BC explains one of the elements of this theory. The Laser Transmission from Sirius idea also appears in the story. In this way, I’m hoping readers will enjoy the story, but also learn about new interpretations of the ancient evidence and what that might mean for our understanding of the universe, our history and ourselves.
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The story:

Prof is living a quiet life in 1920's London when two events shatter his calm routine; the murder of a woman in his church and the incarceration of his Uncle in a mental asylum. He visits the old man who tells wild tales of elder gods, secret cults and hidden facts about Humanity’s past. Prof refuses to believe such ravings but later, the stories remind him of a mystery from his own past. He solves that mystery and is shocked at its consequences. He travels to Egypt and there, amongst the dunes and ancient stone edifices, he finds out what really happened in the Great Places of Antiquity millennia before.
A race begins for Prof; can he help his Uncle and solve the strange murders besetting London or will dark forces watching his every move bury those Ancient Secrets, and him with them?
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