Flight of the Conchords questions

As the New Zealand band ‘The Flight of the Conchords' will be touring the UK this month, I’ve put together a list of questions to ask the two guys. Hopefully, these questions will pass through the spirit-ether and appear to them in dreams. They’ll then answer the questions with their subconscious minds and I’ll receive their replies while day-dreaming about how to levitate, or possibly in the form of lyrics to weird ear-worm songs of unknown origin that I start humming to myself. For those who don't know these guys, check out this video:


Lisa Hannigan sings 'I don't know' in a bar in Dingle

This has really got nothing to do with writing but I still enjoy watching this video even a year on from when I first saw it.


Cort guitars and being a selfish, affluent Western scumbag

About a year ago, I wanted a travel guitar to take with me on holiday and to music festivals. I had had a brief look the previous summer when I’d been to a music festival. There were several choices available; a Taylor Big Baby, an Ozark travel guitar and a Cort Earth-Mini. I tried them all.

The Ozark travel guitar was certainly very portable but it looked like a piece of equipment from an extinct outdoor sport. I wasn’t sure whether to play it or find an old feathery rubber ball to hit with it. Unfortunately, the sound wasn’t brilliant either. Since the Ozark has no sizeable resonating chamber, the instrument isn’t much different from playing a guitar that’s been sliced in half.