Visionary predictions of our future and June 2019

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In a book I recently reviewed - Earth under Fire by Dr Paul LaViolette - the author explains that there is a lot of evidence that our species has been though several global catastrophes of various kinds in the last twenty-odd-thousand years. His book puts forward the theory that some of these are caused by a wave of radiation and high energy particles that are ejected by the centre of our galaxy on a periodic basis.
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According to his theory, these massive bursts of energy and particles occur once every 26,000 years, with minor ejections occurring at points during this cycle. LaViolette explains that the last major wave hit our solar system in around 10,000 BC and triggered the end of our last ice-age, a process that culminated in a short period of massive flooding and sea-level rises in around 9,600BC. This event was so severe, according to some scientific papers, that global sea levels rose by sixty metres metres in as short a time as six years.

LaViolette points out in his book that the elders of several tribes in North America had dreams of that coming flood, dreams that were compelling enough to make members of their tribe built boats and move to high ground. According to the tribal accounts, when the mass of water came, those people were saved in a similar way to Noah in the Book of Genesis whilst the others, who scoffed at the premonitions, were drowned. The focus of this article is those premonitions and what they seem to say about our abilities as a human race.
To put it bluntly, is it possible that people can see into the future? It’s true that successfully foretelling sounds great after the fact - there’s nothing like hindsight - and yet many predictions in history have come true in a way that seems impossible to discount. We don’t even have to look to ancient stories or remote societies for examples of this ability. There are several examples of people in the last century who did definitely prophesy publicly about events to come before the events occurred, or alternatively, that they were aware of those events occurring even though they were at a great distance from the event and completely unable to detect its occurrence through physical means. A good example of such a prescient predictions is described in Jim Marrs’ book, Psi Spies (pg 64):
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Helen Duncan had spent a quiet life raising a number of children and occasionally demonstrating her psychic talent through local seances. But in wartime Britain, she quickly came to the attention of the authorities after twice reportedly telling of ships sinking before the news was made public. In January 1944, Duncan was arrested during a Portsmouth psychic reading and charged with vagrancy. Fearful that she might talk about the upcoming plans for the invasion of France, British authorities whisked her off to stand trial at the Old Bailey and upgraded the charge against her to conspiracy to violate a 1735 law against witchcraft.

Despite numerous witnesses who testified to the reality and accuracy of her psychic powers, and representatives of the law societies in both Scotland and England terming her trial a travesty of justice, Duncan was found guilty and served a nine-month prison term, keeping her under wraps until long after D-Day.

In late 1956, Duncan was again seized by police and died less than a month later, many believed as a direct result of the trauma of her arrest. In 1998, the British news media reportedly continued efforts to have Mrs Duncan pardoned posthumously.
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In our modern society, many of our leaders officially state that all psychic powers are impossible. What’s more, they make it clear that all forms of non-physical phenomena is impossible. Anyone who believes differently, in their opinion, is a fool, mad or deluded. This attitude is not just isolated in the Western democracies. Just this week, the Guardian newspaper reported that the Chinese Authorities have made it clear that good Chinese citizens should not be believing in ghosts and spirits, but only in the Party and its Leader.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that many people are reluctant to even investigate non-physical phenomena. When there’s such an entrenched and often punitive attitude in place, you don’t need to delve too deeply to realise that if you show demonstrable psychic ability on anything of any importance (rather than just finding cats or potential partners), you are taking a big risk.
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This isn’t a new problem. Ever since Catholicism took hold in Europe, any dabbling in psychic skills was deemed witchcraft and punishable by death. In many ways, this attitude is bizarre from a religion whose God, at least the one stated in its Old Testament, is worshipped in a box and accepts blood sacrifices but that was very much the official view for over a thousand years.

It would be good to say that such an attitude to non-physical abilities has faded out completely in our modern, enlightened age, but it’s worth noting that Helen Duncan was actually found guilty of it in 1945, which isn’t very long ago at all.
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But quantum physics and the Life-Entropy paradox makes it clear that Materialism - the belief that only physical things exist - is impossible. The Observer Problem in quantum physics shows that our reality has to be created out of our mental intent; that’s the only logical way it can exist. For an explanation of that logical process, do please check out my Influence Idea article.

Once a person accepts this scientific inevitability, then it becomes self-evident that our minds must theoretically also potentially have the ability to perceive more than just what’s around them, both in space and time.

In truth, virtually all human societies since the dawn of time have accepted this ability as normal. Prescience, far-seeing and related abilities have only been marginalised and declared impossible in the history of our species since the Church took hold. Although the power of the church has waned, the baton of supernatural denouncement has been taken up by Western Orthodox Science. Nowadays, these two groups, working together, along with the combined obstacles of religion, mainstream science, materialism, alcohol, poor sleep etc all make it very difficult for anyone to develop a mental state calm enough to be aware of these subtle, non-physical phenomena, or even want to develop such an ability.
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But if the Influence Idea is right, then our reality is nothing more than a collaborative mental construction. If this is correct, then we should all have innate mental abilities of precognition, remote-viewing etc. It’s therefore hardly surprising that many people nowadays do experience non-physical moments of awareness on a regular basis. Personally, I have lost count of the number of times individuals have talked to me privately about their psychic experiences, whether it is regarding extreme experiences such as out-of-body events, or more subtle phenomena. These include experiences such as the awareness of a loved one’s state even though they are in a distant place, an awareness of what is to come, a person knowing they’re being stared at, etc.

This general, innate ability to sense remote places and events was tested at the Stanford Research Institute, as reported in the book ‘Psi Spies’. The tests showed that nearly all people who were tested, and this included general staff rather than a ‘adept’ group, had some innate ability at remote viewing. The researchers concluded that it was only a matter of how naturally adept any particular person is at remote sensing, and whether they’re willing to develop it as an ability.

But if we all can potentially see into the future, then surely many people must be reporting that they have seen into the future and seen things of significance? The remainder of this article will explore what reports have been made by individuals about our future.
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Prescient groups No1: Near Death Experiencers

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One important group who have been reporting their visions of our future are people who have Near Death Experiences or NDE’s. These occur when a person’s heart stops beating for minutes or more and their mind or spirit leaves their body and temporarily visits the Afterlife (or possibly more appropriately Interlife).These people, after their experience, often report that they saw our future on Earth but they make it clear that our future isn’t set; instead, it crystallises out of all our possibilities futures, depending on our actions, but they do say that certain aspects of our future are now inevitable.
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Dr Kenneth Ring’s excellent book ‘Heading Towards Omega’ includes an entire chapter, entitled Planetary visions of Near-Death experiencers, in which NDE’rs describe what they have seen of our future. The chapter includes many testimonies, so I’ll summarise their report. The overwhelming view of the NDE’rs is that we will suffer global climate meltdown in the next century. This catastrophic collapse of our weather systems will also trigger volcanic activity and earthquakes, a chain of events I’ve discussed in my articles on atomic warfare, as well as in my review of the excellent book ‘Waking the Giant’ by Dr Bill McGuire.

Note: For any readers who might think these NDE’rs are just parroting current anxieties with their statements about climate meltdown, it’s worth noting that the book was published in 1984, long before climate change became a major issue in the public eye.

To give a sample of the NDE’rs predictions, here are a few excerpts from the chapter describing the NDE’rs reports about our future on Earth:

Oh my God, that’s going to be terrible. The weather is going to go crazy. We’re just as likely to have snow in the middle of the summer as one-hundred-degree weather… I see droughts in other countries.
‘Heading towards Omega’ by Dr Kenneth Ring
We’ll start getting more droughts, which will bring about shortages in crops, and the shortage in crops will cause food prices to rise, which will cause a strain on the economic situation, which is already going downhill. Also, at the same time… because of the shortage of food and the failing economy, I see a strengthening of arms, which cause tension… These kind of hostilities and [increasing] inflation start more hostilities.
‘Heading towards Omega’ by Dr Kenneth Ring
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Amidst these apocalyptic warnings, NDE’rs do state that this traumatic period for us as a species will actually turn out be a very positive, transformative experience. This is because the experience for us will be like someone getting a heart-attack; the shock of it changes their whole attitude to their lives and they switch to a far more fulfilling and sustainable existence. After this period of climate meltdown, we, as a race, will no longer regard our living planet as something to be used but instead, something that is treasured.

A version of this change in perception was experienced by a team who simulated living on Mars by holing themselves up in a pod complex for a year. After months in isolation, in which they could only eat fresh food they’d grown, they treasured all the fruit and vegetables they produced. It’s a mentality reminiscent of the classic science fiction movie Silent Running.
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Prescient groups No2: Remote Viewers

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NDE’rs are not the only source of prophetic reports on our collective future. Remote Viewers have also made predictions about our future. Remote Viewing is simply a modern form of scrying, when someone directs their mind to be aware of remote locations and events in the past or future. This modern version of an ancient method was developed as a military reconnaissance asset at the Stanford Research Institute in the United States in the 1970’s. According to reports, similar methods were also developed in the USSR and China.

In March 1992, five PSI TECH (a commercial spin-off created by some ex-members of the military teams) remote viewers were commissioned to explore the ramifications of the ozone problem by the Institute for Human Potential, a think-tank formed in honour of Senator Claiborne Pell, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Funding for the Institute came primarily from grants by Laurance Rockefeller.

‘The outlook is grim’, succinctly stated a cover letter with the final project report; it contained this sobering assessment:
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PSI-TECH Report on our near future:

“Atmospheric ozone depletion/replenishment was perceived to be driven by a natural ebb and flow process - a geophysical cycle. But this process has become overwhelmed by manmade activity… A critical point is reached, circa 2005-2012, where the destruction will begin a runaway course, in a fashion analogous to metastasis [the transfer of malignant cells from one location to another]. During this period, the problem and its potential consequences will no longer be subject to question. The ozone layer will not necessarily be slowed down but its effects temporarily ameliorated by coincidental volcanic activity.

One such related event will be the explosion of an ‘extinct’ volcano in the North American Cascade chain… The volcanic activity will literally and figuratively eclipse the ozone problem but decreased sunlight will wreak havoc with crop production in many places. Chaotic weather patterns in combination with decreased sunlight will necessitate the construction of huge, environmentally-controlled greenhouses so that food production can carry on without being subject to vicissitudes of climate/weather. Unwittingly, these structures form the templates for technologies that will become increasingly critical to sustaining human life. They will begin to be seen as sanctuaries, then habitats, as societies migrate into them.

A point is reached where very little life is seen outside of the artificial structures. The atmosphere outside these biospheres is almost antiseptic. The sky is striated and multi-hued. Earth’s remaining, surviving inhabitants have either been driven underground or into these very large, climate controlled domes, which now house complete, medium-sized cities. Our children’s children are resident there. There is no perceivable violence. Most creative energy is directed to questions of survival.”
It would have been useful for the remote viewers to have given a date for the explosion of the extinct volcano. Unfortunately, I cannot find any evidence of them giving a date, if they ever did. Considering the fact that these remote viewers spent twenty years doing RV work for the US military, with seemingly high rates of success, it is a big shame for everyone that they couldn’t be more specific.
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Some readers may spot that the PSI-TECH report talks about CFC’s as the molecule at the centre of the climate meltdown. This might seem to show that the remote viewers were wide of the mark with their prediction. In fact, ozone depleting chemicals such as CFC’s are highly potent greenhouse gases, far more so that carbon dioxide and methane, and so they are probably the ultimate greenhouse gas in our atmosphere. Also, considering the report was produced in the early 90’s, when the subject of climate change had barely broken into the mainstream, but the ozone hole was big news, it’s understandable that the remote viewers would focus on that particular molecule.
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Prescient groups No3: Tribal Seers

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So far, we’ve seen that two very different groups - military remote viewers and Near Death Experiencers - have given an uncannily similar prediction about our global future.

Another group that has given predictions of our future are the Indigenous peoples and ancient civilisations of our planet. For example, the Hopi Indians believe that our current civilisation will collapse when ‘a gourd of ashes’ is poured upon the Earth. This, they believe, is likely to occur in tandem with the appearance of a bright, blue, comet-like star. This event, allegedly, will come during the time that humanity has lost its way with nature, a period of spiritual separation, which could certainly describe our current generation.

The Hopi’s cryptic warning of a ‘gourd of ashes pouring upon the Earth’ could be referring to a massive volcanic eruption, such as the one described in the above remote viewing report, or it may be referring to the possible future disaster described in Dr LaViolette’s book ‘Earth under fire’, where a wave of high-energy particles from the galactic centre forces vast amounts of interstellar dust into our inner solar system. LaViolette states in his book that the source-point of the galactic super-wave, emanating from the core of our Milky Way, would appear to us as a bright-blue, huge star in the constellation of Sagittarius. This would be due to the high-energy particles and light emanating from that direction.

Therefore, strangely enough, the Hopi prediction of a ‘bright, blue star heralding destruction’ and ‘a gourd of ashes poured upon the Earth’ does actually match two phenomena that would occur when a galactic super-wave did arrive, or at least according to LaViolette’s theory. The first is actually not a star but our galactic core radiating X-rays and the second is the massive influx of interstellar dust.
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There is a further interesting coincidence connecting the Hopi’s predictions and LaViolette’s theory. He thinks that the galactic super-waves may have entrained the celestial precession of our planet. In other words, the period of rotation of the axis of our planet, which currently performs a full circle every 26,000 years, may have been influenced by period gravity waves coming from our galactic core. 26,000 years seems a long time but if the life of our planet corresponded to a year, those pulses would be occurring 100 times a second, which shows that it’s a persuasive idea. This would be a very useful insight if it is correct, as it would mean that the length of our planet’s precessional cycle isn’t just an arbitrary value; it’s a physical manifestation of calamitous galactic super-wave cycles. If that’s correct, then the slow shift of our constellations through the Heavens really is a clock marking the time to the next cataclysm, as many ancient peoples stated. Unfortunately, according to LaViolette’s theory and the Egyptian and Platonic Great Year Calendars, we’re close to the half-way mark in the cycle. Are we going to get a ‘harmonic’ event, a minor wave like the octave harmonic of a base note?
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It’s also worth adding at this point that there also seems to be a link between LaViolette’s galactic-super-wave theory and another way that a ‘gourd of ashes’ could fall on the Earth. LaViolette describes in his book that it is highly likely that the high-energy particle wave from the centre of our galaxy will be preceded by a violent gravity wave (the same wave that may have entrained our planet’s precessional cycle). The gravity wave would hit us first, as it is not impeded at all in its propagation through space. This gravity wave would trigger severe seismic disturbances on Earth as it passes through the crust of our planet. If this did happen, it is highly likely that we would get one or more major volcanic eruptions as the first event in this cataclysmic process. The gravity-wave-induced eruptions would come first, then we would see the bright-blue star, then our sky would go black with the arrival of the interstellar dust, plunging our planet into a terrible winter that would last for probably decades.

LaViolette explains in his book that we may actually have recently experienced an example of such a gravity-wave induced eruption, described below:
‘Humanity received a wake-up call on December 26th, 2004, with the occurrence of a magnitude 9.3 earthquake off the coast of Sumatra in Malaysia. The tsunami that accompanied it left over 240,000 either dead or missing. It was the worst to affect this area since the 1883 explosion of Krakatau. This earthquake was so strong that it exceeded by a factor of 10 the next most powerful earthquake to occur anywhere on our planet in the past 25 years. Also, quite alarmingly, just 44.6 hours later on December 27th, gamma-ray telescopes orbiting the Earth picked up the arrival of the brightest gamma-ray burst ever recorded! This raises the question of whether these two mega-events may have been causally linked. The chance in 1 in 5000 that two such distinctive events would have been separated purely by coincidence…. In fact, telescopes converging on its source, SGR 1806-20, found it lay in the constellation of Sagittarius about 10 degrees north-east of the galactic centre and between 20,000 to 32,000 light-years away from us, or approximately as far away as the galactic centre. Over such a distance, the 44.6 hour delay is approximately a 1 in 5 million parts delay between the gravity shockwave and the wave of gamma-ray radiation. This tiny delay can be explained by concluding that the gamma-ray radiation was obstructed by interstellar dust and gases and had to take a ‘zig-zag’ path.’
The prediction of the Hopi Indians therefore tallies surprisingly well with LaViolette’s theory but until something actually happens, it’s tempting to see the Hopi-Galactic-Super-Wave connection as just a coincidence. It’s a surprisingly big coincidence, nevertheless.
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Additional Prescient information: My recurring dream

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Earlier in this article, I remarked that it was a shame that the PSI-TECH remote viewers had not been more specific about when the dormant volcano in the Cascade mountain range would erupt. Declaring that a Cascade volcano would erupt at some point is hardly ground-breaking news. One will erupt in our future at some point as it’s very much an active region. Mt St Helens was the last major eruption in that area but there have been larger ones in human history. In 5000 BC, Mt Mazama blew its top and was of far greater scale, larger even that Krakatoa in 1887.

It’s worth noting at this point what type of volcanoes are in the Cascades. Because the Cascade range is sitting above a subduction plate, where the Pacific tectonic plate slides under the North America land plate, large amounts of water are dragged downwards with the plate under the Cascade range. When all that material melts under the Earth’s crust, it creates a potent mix of steam and fine ash, kept under high pressure, like a super-shaken coke bottle. This is why Cascade mountains throw out vast amounts of fine, grey ash, rather than lava, when they erupt because they’re releasing all that steam and ash mixed together.
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This lack of a date for the predicted Cascade eruption bugged me. Remote Viewers aren’t going to impress anyone if they are so vague with their predictions of future calamities. I thought about the matter a lot and ended up dreaming about it. In the dream I was looking down on a track, like an athletics running track and I knew it was the future, stretching ahead. The track was marked with months and years. I moved along the track, feeling the time pass as marked on the track. Nothing significant happened in 2017. 2018 came along and I moved through it. Again, all was quiet but in the first few days of 2019, a large cloud of black smoke erupted. It was clearly something major but survivable. I walked through that (coughing a bit) and continued through 2019. I passed through the Spring months and then, on the first few days of June, 2019, there was an absolutely massive eruption of fine, grey ash. It felt as if the Earth had blown a hole in its side. This cloud of ash covered the track in the dream all through June and July and then, somehow, an enormous cloud of black dust mixed with the fine ash and blanketed everything.

I experienced this dream, in slightly different forms, two or three times and each time, it felt vivid and meaningful.
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What should be made of this recurring dream? I have no clear idea. I hadn’t read Dr LaViolette’s book Earth under Fire when I had the dream(s). Now, having read the book, my recurring dream with its huge eruption followed by massive black dust cloud takes on new significance but, in truth, the dream isn’t detailed enough to make more than a cursory connection. Initially after having the dream, I worried that the massive black cloud blanketing everything was nuclear war, which shows how ambiguous the image is.

It’s tempting for me to not even refer to my recurring dream at all, as it is just a dream, but I feel duty-bound to talk about it regardless. There seem to be lots of people in history who did talk about what they saw in their minds-eye and it turned out to have been a very good idea, so I don’t think I should censor myself until I’ve proved that my recurring dreams is just fantasy.

I think this is a good opportunity for a scientific experiment. Until something actually happens, my recurring dream is just a dream. The remote viewers themselves pointed out that without feedback, their sessions were effectively useless, as what they’d sensed hadn’t been physically checked. June 2019 isn’t that long away and so we can simply wait for it to come around and see if anything does happen. The downside of this experiment is that if things do happen in the way depicted in the dream, no one’s going to be interested in the successful test of that scientific experiment! Nevertheless, it’ll still be an interesting test to carry out.
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Overall, it seems clear that multiple groups from very different backgrounds - indigenous tribes, military remote viewers, people who have near death experiences, among others - are all giving us the same prediction; we’re heading for climate meltdown. The environment of Earth will rapidly deteriorate in the near future and will stay extremely bleak for a long period of time. We will have to switch to a much smaller population and construct sealed habitats (or go underground) in order to survive what will become a very inhospitable planet. This future prediction is not only one stated by various prescient groups, it’s also the most likely scenario scientifically. Isn’t it about time we all talked about how we’re going to handle this future?