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Latest blog: Grant Cameron interview video - Grant Cameron is a journalist and author who’s investigated Near Death Experiences, UFOs and Consciousness over the years. He comes across as intelligent, balanced, knowledgeable and perceptive. Definitely recommended.
Hello! Welcome to my website. Click on the menu links to browse my example fiction, speculative science articles and graphic art work. I’ve just finished a new non-fiction book entitled ‘How science shows that almost everything important we’ve been told is wrong’,which is available to buy directly from the FeedaRead website, priced at £7.99 plus postage. It is also available to order from major booksellers. Its ISBN-13 number is: 9781786970916. It is now also available as kindle ebook (but without the ancient history chapter) for £2.29 or for free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

For those new to the site:
Want to read a new, scientific idea that explains how life exists? Try the Influence Idea. Curious to read a science-only theory that explains the purpose of the Giza Pyramids? Try the Great Pyramid and 2787BC. Looking for some funny science fiction? Give 18% Happier and The Lost Emotion a go. Keen to discover that evolution on Earth could have been guided genetically by an alien race using tailored viruses? Well, who wouldn’t? Check out Evolution and alien viruses. Want to see a picture of an fat hedgehog? Your wish has been answered!

For those after news and short articles, do please check out my blog. Most of its entries are about our hidden history, heretical science, the supernatural and related topics. Some readers may conclude they’re the crazed mumblings of a weirdo but believe me, they’re very scientific and objective, they just look freaky. As Bertrand Russell once said: “Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.” Eccentric ideas may also be very much needed at the moment. To quote John Stuart Mill: “That so few now dare to be eccentric, marks the chief danger of the time.”
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Latest project…
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Latest news: The book is available to buy directly from the FeedaRead website, priced at £7.99 plus postage. It is also available to order from major booksellers. Its ISBN-13 number is: 9781786970916. It is now also available as kindle ebook (but without the ancient history chapter) for £2.29 or for free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

Here’s the back cover blurb:

“Nowadays, our scientific establishment makes out that they've pretty much understood all the important bits about reality, life, death, ourselves, the universe and well, everything. Unfortunately, this isn't true. In fact, many very important physicists in the last century pointed out that a fundamentally different view of the universe was needed to solve major paradoxes in science such as Schrödinger's Cat and the very nature of the Big Bang. This book describes what they discovered and more, thereby explaining the true nature of reality, life, death, God, ghosts, the brain, the Big Bang, evolution, aliens, pyramids, particles, Atlantis and, most especially, corn-on-the-cob. It also has lots of appealing illustrations and the odd joke, so you won't get bored half-way through.”

The idea of this book is to explain that the established, official explanation of how reality and the universe works may actually be seriously wrong. Many famous scientists in our history, many of them Nobel Prize Winners and giants of their field, came to quite a different conclusion to the current, official view but their ideas have been mostly ignored and forgotten. In ‘How science shows…’, I explore what those brilliant scientists worked out and then follow the logical consequences of their insights. It’s a fascinating journey that is both illuminating, funny and profound.

Most of the insights in the book do come from esteemed scientists, but I’ve also included some of my own ideas, which are already present in a series of non-fiction articles I’ve written over the years, several of which are available on this website. They include The Influence Idea, Laser Transmissions from Sirius, The Great Pyramid and 2787 BC, Ancient Astral Secrets and Reality is Light.

‘How science shows’ is partly based on a science, non-fiction book I was working on in the last few years for young adults called Chloë’s Quantum Quest. ‘How science shows’ shares the same light-hearted, illustrated style as Chloë’s Quantum Quest and covers similar topics; it’s just longer, more like a normal popular science book, and doesn’t have the yellow, jotter-book page background.

Two sample pages from the book are below:
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If you’d like to read the first chapter as a sample, click on this link (it’s about 3Mb in size). The first chapter is all about quantum physics, which is a fascinating subject but a little daunting for some readers. I’ve tried very hard to make the story as accessible as possible, so that nobody gets confused; the illustrations that accompany the text will hopefully help that process along and make the whole subject fun and interesting and not totally bizarre.

As mentioned already, I’ll post news on the publication of the book as and when it happens, including where someone can buy it and in what formats. As ever, any and all friendly feedback is most welcome.
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2015’s project…

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The Great Secret is my first graphic novel. It is both an adventure and an investigation of our ancient past. It is available as a digital download for Kindle and for the iPad. I’ve asked a few friends to check out the digital version and it all looks good so far, but I’m keen to get as much (helpful) feedback as possible. If you do buy a digital copy (currently £2.99) and you like it, do please write a review. If you have any problems with your copy of the graphic novel, do please let me know via the contact form.

The story is primarily a fun adventure tale but it also puts forward a fascinating new theory I've developed, based on extensive research I carried out in 2010. My recent blog post about the Great Pyramid and 2787 BC explains one of the elements of this theory. The Laser Transmission from Sirius idea also appears in the story. In this way, I’m hoping readers will enjoy the story, but also learn about new interpretations of the ancient evidence and what that might mean for our understanding of the universe, our history and ourselves.
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The story:

Prof is living a quiet life in 1920's London when two events shatter his calm routine; the murder of a woman in his church and the incarceration of his Uncle in a mental asylum. He visits the old man who tells wild tales of elder gods, secret cults and hidden facts about Humanity’s past. Prof refuses to believe such ravings but later, the stories remind him of a mystery from his own past. He solves that mystery and is shocked at its consequences. He travels to Egypt and there, amongst the dunes and ancient stone edifices, he finds out what really happened in the Great Places of Antiquity millennia before.
A race begins for Prof; can he help his Uncle and solve the strange murders besetting London or will dark forces watching his every move bury those Ancient Secrets, and him with them?
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